Sunday, October 21, 2007

UCM Alumni Homecoming Weekend!!

This weekend we went back to the burg for the Alumi Homecoming! We got up early and drove to be there for the Alumni Breakfast. Afterwards we went to the homecoming parade and boy was it long! Lyn's little girl was such a hoot. She warmed up to the Sigma Kappa girls who were sitting in front of us and of course lots of candy was thrown in their direction. Lilly managed to score a huge amount of candy for everyone. Landon and Logan got their fair share I must say. After the parade we took the kids to meet Miah and Miguel the PBS Cartoon characters and then off to the Alumni Luncheon. By this time we were all so tired but since we had already purchased tickets to the game we thought we'd at least try to go! We stayed for the opening ceremony with the UCM Band and several other bands from high schools that all came together and performed. After the first quarter, we threw in the towel. We took all 4 of the kids to the moonwalks and let them jump the rest of their energy out b4 hiking clear across campus to where we parked. Can we say TIRED. What a day. Aside from one wedding on campus, I had not been back since I finished up my 2nd degree. That was over 5 years ago. It was amazing to be back and it felt just like home. Ahhhhh.....the days of being a college girl... Ok... back to reality! Anyway just wanted to share some pictures from the weekend. Logan and Landon were just too cute holding Lilly's hand. She looks like a little Addison from Grey's Anatomy! I think they already miss her and we just took them back to the airport this afternoon. Hopefully it won't be another 4 years b4 we see them!!! In all fairness it's our turn to travel! Oregon here we come..............hmm...we'll at least wait until summer!

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