Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'll be watching Oprah tomorrow! It's all about living frugal and saving money. That's sounds totally up my alley. LOL... Will you be watching? I wanted to post this on my new blog (My Frugal Finds) but it's currently been disabled for a couple days. LOL Apparently it looked like spam. Oh well. I have time to wait!

Yesterday my main computer got ticked off again and had a meltdown. Gotta love Vista. It crashed during a Service Pack update. All is well though; I'll just have to reinstall some programs but I don't think I lost any files this time! Alright....gotta get a move on! Later.

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ScrapShana said...

Girl, I LOVE the look of your blog. Been a while since I've visited. :( Great hybrid you posted. Wish I had thought of that when the kids first started!
Miss you lots! HUGS