Monday, July 9, 2007

It's been a while!

Wow, it's been a while since I posted here. So much has been going on in life. What can I say, life happens and time flies...June was busy as we were preparing for vacation, on vacation and recovering from vacation! Levi and I went to Chicago for our 5 year wedding anniversary! It was a blast. Chicago is my new favorite city. I was shocked at how clean, friendly and easy to navigate the city was. Everyone was super nice and it didn't seem as if people were in a hurry. What a neat city. There was so much to see and do and everything was easy to find. We were on the go sometimes from 7:30 to midnight. Talk about trying to take it all in. I told Levi next year we'll have to do another nice vacation since we'll be celebrating a total of 10 years together. WOW. We're hoping to get back to Europe next summer. It's been five years since we were abroad and boy do we ever want to get back to Europe.. Anywhere would be nice.

July has proven to be just as busy. The fourth was great. We had a nice get together at Levi's Grandparent's. We swam in the lake until the thunderstorm rolled in. After it passed we shot off a few fireworks...nothing major... The boys had a ball with their little snap and pop fireworks. Later we took the boat out onto the lake and watched the fireworks. They were beautiful as always. You know the one time I forgot to charge the battery in my camera....was the 4th of July. I was albe to get a few pics but it died just as we were headed out to watch the firework show. Go figure!

I've also been busy in the digi world. Since I've been on the Supreme Team for GDS I've been making such fun layouts with the kits that the designers have so generously given us. GDS is the most generous and fun community that I've been too on the web. I also just made Creative Team Member for Andrea Gold another fantastic Digital Scrapbook Designer. I'm just having tooo much fun! I was so happy that she picked me as one of her CT members.

Just today I registered with a fellow Supreme Team Memeber, Jill, to take part in the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race. This shall prove to be exciting and fun... Hopefully we'll win! Wouldn't that be great!

Okay now on to a few fun things; layouts and products.

The layout below was done using Andrea Gold's Miss Mykelle Kit and Add on Pack. You can pick it up here!

This was done using Doreen Stolz's Boys Will Be Boys Kit which can be found here!

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