Monday, November 26, 2007

I hope you have all recovered!

Well I hope you have all had time to recover from the holiday. Last week I was rushing around like crazy trying to get everything done around here so we could leave and go visit my family for Thanksgiving. I had laundry out the wazoo to do and so I was trying my best to keep on top of it each time the buzzer went off. I went once to get the colors out of the dryer and when I opened the dryer door I had the surprise green crayon syndrome. One of my boys had left a color in their hoodie pocket and unbeknownst to me I washed it and then I put it in the dryer. When I opened the door to the dryer i nearly started crying. The inside of my dryer was green and waxy. That I can live with. When I looked down at the lint catcher i noticed a significant amount of wax there so I pried it off and pulled the lint trap out only to discover that that the crayon had melted down the screen and therefore trapped lint to both sides not to mention the amount of green wax we found inside the dryer panel that had ran on down. My first thought other than tears was OH CRAP. So I decided to get the clothes out of the dryer and discovered it's all over our clothes. aaahh.. I don't know why I was shocked. The crayon had decided to attack a couple of my shirts which I know believe to be a blessing in disguise. LOL It also attacked the nice new hoodie that harbored the crayon and a few other nice articles of clothing. Why am I upset? I rarely RARELY buy new clothes. I usually have hand me downs or gently used clothing that my mother in law finds for me but I decided this winter I wanted the boys to have some nice new things so I splurged a little and I bought the twins a few new things. I was baffled why the crayon decided to take it's meltdown out on the newer nicer clothes opposed to the wretched sponge Bob shirt or that horrible worn out thomas shirt that the twins LOVE.... Geez. The next step was telling my husband that I had been an idiot and not checked their pockets and I would need his help in cleaning up the dryer. Turns out we were able to get the crayon off the clothes for the most part thanks to some valuable information from other Mothers who have walked before me. My husband then got the dryer cleaned up and the next afternoon he was able to drive across the state line to a Sears store and get a new lint trap catcher thing. So by Sunday evening I was in business again but so far behind. Finally got the laundry washed and dried and packed it upstairs to fold. Who wants to fold clothes in the dark cold basement. So I'm here folding the laundry and my boys all three go off to play up in their I thought. I discovered that in a matter of a few minutes that had unraveled a roll of toilet paper all over my bathroom.....Wow that was a flashback to the time that they got into a new 12 pack of toilet paper and soaked approximately 6 rolls between the two toilets, shredded about three more, rolled two our around the upstairs leaving one alone in it's original shape!..........All this while I was once again folding laundry! The moral of the story is.... Always check the pockets before you wash and dry your laundry and in my case...never leave toilet paper out where the boys can get to it & never let them play "in their rooms" while I'm folding laundry a few feet from them.

I hope this gave you a chuckle or two!! We all need a little humor in our lives!

Since I have recovered from this and the holiday it's back to designing for me and hopefully a few layouts too!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and time well spent and enjoyed w/ my family. We even braved the stores on Friday! Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Thanksgiving last week. I hope you all had a splendid time with your families.

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Beckie said...

Well, let's see. At least it was green and not hot pink?? I haven't had that happen yet, but I'm sure my day will come! I'm glad you had a great holiday :)