Monday, January 14, 2008

Dance Fever

Yeah yeah yeah....I'm a Dancing with the Star super fan! Last night the tour came to KC and I HAD to go. I dragged my husband to the show, which I'm sure he didn't mind b/c of all the beautiful women! I went with no expectations and I had a BLAST. When we arrived to the newly built Sprint Center, we decided to walk around shortly before going to our seats. We noticed a really long line and saw that there was an autograph booth. We had no idea who it would be but I hoped very badly that it would be Mark and Sabrina. So all the sudden in my zoned out world I smelled this amazing perfume and looked up and Mark and Sabrina had just gotten of the elevator and literally walked right in front of me!! SO crazy.. Yep I'm star struck. So we waited patiently and then got our chance for an autograph and photo op courtesy of the security! So Levi goes up to Sabrina and says, "you haven't smiled enough have you?" She thought he said you have a nice smile which she does...and she says, "awe thank you!" in her sweet voice...then pauses and says, "oh" and she and Mark busted out laughing. It was pretty funny. They look pretty happy and laugh so much. On to the show. AMAZING. I don't know what else to say. Just incredible. Wayne Newton did not dance except for the time w/ a small child from the audience. He did sing several songs though. The traveling band that was with the tour is wonderful! The keyboard player was Alicia Key's little brother. All of the dances were wonderful but some were really spicy! Who did I enjoy most? Of course Mark and Sabrina! Edyta was amazing and I really really enjoyed seeing Cheryl dance. The men....Hands down Derek stole the show. If the tour is coming to a city near you and you enjoy the show, I promise you will LOVE seeing them live. They dance for 90 amazing minutes. You will be craving more!! I told you I am a super fan!! Rather than upload individual pics and little videos...i made i'm not a great video maker...this was my first time. Enjoy!!

EDIT- Just noticed that the entire video did not upload....but please enjoy what did!! A few more dances did make it onto this clip including the majority of the cast doing the twist, a romantic Waltz, and another dance that I can't recall right now!


Kathy said...

This is too funny, you star struck silly girl. Ha ha. Actually it looks like you had a blast getting to meet your favorites. I didn't watch the show so don't know much.

Erin said...

Oh you lucky girl! I didn't watch it this season. But if Emmitt Smith ever goes on tour with them, I'm there!! LOL Glad you had a great time!

Beckie said...

LUCKY!!! I guess if I can't go, this is the next best thing right? So excited you got a photo with SABRINA!