Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Few New Year's Goals

Well it's that time again; time to set goals for the new year... Here it is a few days in and I'm just getting around to setting them....Hmm I guess I'm not off to a fantastic start am I? Perhaps that should be one of my do things in a more timely manner....or think ahead, prepare ahead, and when the time comes it will already be done. What was that my mother used to say to me? Don't put off until tomorrow what can be done today..... or something like that. Maybe I should incorporate that into my life too. Geez, so many things to work towards. I have a very difficult time actually keeping on track and crossing the finish line of the things I set out to do each year. So this year I'm trying a different approach to my New Year's goals. I realize that I most likely will not achieve all of my goals but I hope to make the best trek I can.

I have split my goals into two categories, some of which overlap and in the end may not be completely possible. Can i have my cake and eat it too! LOL.. Well, here I go.

First my Digi-life.
To be a more faithful blogger~
To focus more on designing and get products in my store more frequently~
To be more active on the boards at gDS~
To seek inspiration from the galleries of others~
To become better at journaling and more open & heartfelt on my layouts~
To get caught up on layouts and scrap some of the older pictures i have lying around so that I can get my album in a more chronological order~
To achieve the above goal make one 2 page spread of older photos and one 2-page spread of current photos per week....hahahha....i hope that is true possibility!~
To print more layouts at gDS since their prints are so awesome...and then actually put them in my album (hence I need to get caught up on layouts that should have been created 3 years ago!)
To make a brag book page here and there so when Christmas rolls around at the end of the year, I won't be all frazzled trying to get them done while still trying to get everything else done for the holiday season.

Wow so that was a lot....and i have a couple more jotted down...but these will do for now... A girl can give her best effort right.

Now on to my personal life.
To become more organized~
To have a more orderly house~
To stay focused on finances~
To go on a family vacation~
To relax more~
To avoid stress and stressful situations~
To practice driving more so when my boys start preschool I will not be afraid to drive them to school... Go ahead and Laugh!!! hahaha hehehe~
To spend more quality time w/ my DH and boys~
To spend more time w/ my siblings and parents and not to miss out on those opportunities~
To keep a better journal since I'm so forgetful~
To play outside more during beautiful weather and go on picnics more~
and above all, To put more focus and energy into my family~
If I accomplish these goals I will like I have had a pretty successful year!

Did I mention relax more? ~To relax more often~

This is probably the longest blog I have ever written but now that I have written it perhaps I will be able to keep on track and work to accomplish more of my goals in 08'. Where do I start? LOL...

If you have just read this entire post, I'm sure you are exhausted and should probably go practice my last goal.....and relax!! LOL. Have a great Thursday.

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Amy said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Wishing all the success in the world!