Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Labor of love

Last summer my husband brought home hundreds of tulips that his work had dug up and thrown out after their spring bloom. We layed them all out in in our basement to let the foliage dry out so we could cut them back and store them for fall. Then we had an unsightly amount of rain come about and my basement filled a bit with water so we had to move the tulips to the garage and start the drying process all over. Finally in late summer we were able to remove all the foliage and store the bulbs for the fall. After giving away large amounts of bulbs we planted probably about 200 tulip bulbs in our front and back yards. This spring we the most beautiful blooms. I can't wait to see them again next year! I don't have much scrap mojo right now..almost creative block but when I saw this 2 pager QP set by Verena I knew i had to have it for these pics! Check out her entire kit Sprightly Spring!

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