Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pretty layouts!!

Wanted to share a couple pretty layouts that Sheila and Jackie have done using a kit called Electric Youth!! (only $3.50) Love these ladies!!!

by Sheila

by Jackie

and another beautiufl layout by Jill!

Finally here is one done by my design friend Shana!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Something Springy

My AWESOME CT has been fast at work creating GORGEOUS layouts!! I'm so proud of them! Today I want to share with you a few they have done using my mini kit Something Springy. Only $3.50!!!!!

by Nancy

By Elaine

By Gwen

by Angie

Beautiful ladies!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Joining my Team!!

Wow this was so hard but I have finally selected the additions to my team!
Joining Elaine, Erin, Gwen, Nancy and Pamela (a fantastic group of ladies, I might add)..Here is my announcement.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Something Special from Christy

Christy wrote to me to share these layouts she made using template 10 from my template collection. What a touching story. These layouts are a tribute to a little boy who was taken from this life early. Thank you for sharing this Christy.

For full credits click here.

Friday, January 18, 2008

New kits!

Stop by GDS and check out the Queen of the crop! Complete all my challenges and you can get this new mini kit, Something Springy!

If you complete all of Amy Fenner's challenges you can get a really nice mini kit from her to that coordinates with mine! Combine them and you will have a full kit!!

Don't forget my CT call is still open through Monday. I have had a nice response so far and I already know the decision will be so tough!

Also I have a new kit in my store called My Shining Star! If you love boy kits you will love this one!

I hope you'll check it out!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CT Call

The time has come for me to make some additions to my CT! I have 5 spots available.

If you are an enthusiastic scrapper who would genuinely enjoy working with my products and would love to be an active part of my CT, I am looking for you! If you are interested, you must complete two layouts per product and post at GDS, DST and one gallery of your choosing.

Send me an email at ( by Monday Jan 21st. Please include the following information for my consideration.

1) A little bit about yourself.
2) Why do you want to be on my CT
3) How many CTs you are currently on
4) A link to your best gallery
5) What program you use

Additions to my CT will be announced no later than Wednesday Jan 23rd.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dance Fever

Yeah yeah yeah....I'm a Dancing with the Star super fan! Last night the tour came to KC and I HAD to go. I dragged my husband to the show, which I'm sure he didn't mind b/c of all the beautiful women! I went with no expectations and I had a BLAST. When we arrived to the newly built Sprint Center, we decided to walk around shortly before going to our seats. We noticed a really long line and saw that there was an autograph booth. We had no idea who it would be but I hoped very badly that it would be Mark and Sabrina. So all the sudden in my zoned out world I smelled this amazing perfume and looked up and Mark and Sabrina had just gotten of the elevator and literally walked right in front of me!! SO crazy.. Yep I'm star struck. So we waited patiently and then got our chance for an autograph and photo op courtesy of the security! So Levi goes up to Sabrina and says, "you haven't smiled enough have you?" She thought he said you have a nice smile which she does...and she says, "awe thank you!" in her sweet voice...then pauses and says, "oh" and she and Mark busted out laughing. It was pretty funny. They look pretty happy and laugh so much. On to the show. AMAZING. I don't know what else to say. Just incredible. Wayne Newton did not dance except for the time w/ a small child from the audience. He did sing several songs though. The traveling band that was with the tour is wonderful! The keyboard player was Alicia Key's little brother. All of the dances were wonderful but some were really spicy! Who did I enjoy most? Of course Mark and Sabrina! Edyta was amazing and I really really enjoyed seeing Cheryl dance. The men....Hands down Derek stole the show. If the tour is coming to a city near you and you enjoy the show, I promise you will LOVE seeing them live. They dance for 90 amazing minutes. You will be craving more!! I told you I am a super fan!! Rather than upload individual pics and little videos...i made i'm not a great video maker...this was my first time. Enjoy!!

EDIT- Just noticed that the entire video did not upload....but please enjoy what did!! A few more dances did make it onto this clip including the majority of the cast doing the twist, a romantic Waltz, and another dance that I can't recall right now!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More fantastic layouts

Here are a few more fantastic layouts by excellent scrapping friends!!! All using Birthday Boy and Birthday Boy Extras! These ladies have outdone themselves. All of these layouts are fabulous!!! Thank you all so much for your support!! I sincerely appreciate all your hard work and friendship!

By Pamela

By Nancy

By Gwen

By Jill

By Michelle

By Mel

By Beckie

By Shana

Thanks again for all your hard work!
You can pick up this kit in my store!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Checkout these fabulous layouts by Erin

Check out these adorable layouts by Erin!! She rocks!!

Be sure to leave Erin some love for these fantastic layouts!

She used Birthday Boy

and the Birthday Boys Extra Pack

Monday, January 7, 2008

Some shots of Jax.

I just love these pictures that my husband took of Jax at my grandparent's farm a couple weekends ago. Jax and Daddy got a little warm inside so they went out to play. It's very rustic out there and always makes for nice photos! They managed to find an old radio flyer wagon that belonged to my dad and uncles when they were little. Jax pulled it around in the yard and Daddy coudln't resist snapping some pictures of him! I was thrilled when I saw that the had gotten these shots. Wish I had been outside too, but I rarely see my family and I hadn't been to see my granparents in almost 2 years. I don't get home often and when I do time flies by too fast and it's so hard to squeeze everyone in. So happy I got to see them this time. I also found a new scrapbooking buddy while at Grandma's!! Who knew my Aunt was into scrapbooking and Mary Kay. LOL.... We have more in common than we knew!! Now I just have to get her started in digiatl scrapbooking! Come on Dolphe!! Tomorrow, I'm off to the dentist for more torture. Anyway, Have a great evening everyone.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Beautiful layout to share.

Check out this beautiful layout by Galiscrap using one of my templates! Gali used template 16 and it can be found in my store! For full credits to her beautiful layout or to leave her some here.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Few New Year's Goals

Well it's that time again; time to set goals for the new year... Here it is a few days in and I'm just getting around to setting them....Hmm I guess I'm not off to a fantastic start am I? Perhaps that should be one of my do things in a more timely manner....or think ahead, prepare ahead, and when the time comes it will already be done. What was that my mother used to say to me? Don't put off until tomorrow what can be done today..... or something like that. Maybe I should incorporate that into my life too. Geez, so many things to work towards. I have a very difficult time actually keeping on track and crossing the finish line of the things I set out to do each year. So this year I'm trying a different approach to my New Year's goals. I realize that I most likely will not achieve all of my goals but I hope to make the best trek I can.

I have split my goals into two categories, some of which overlap and in the end may not be completely possible. Can i have my cake and eat it too! LOL.. Well, here I go.

First my Digi-life.
To be a more faithful blogger~
To focus more on designing and get products in my store more frequently~
To be more active on the boards at gDS~
To seek inspiration from the galleries of others~
To become better at journaling and more open & heartfelt on my layouts~
To get caught up on layouts and scrap some of the older pictures i have lying around so that I can get my album in a more chronological order~
To achieve the above goal make one 2 page spread of older photos and one 2-page spread of current photos per week....hahahha....i hope that is true possibility!~
To print more layouts at gDS since their prints are so awesome...and then actually put them in my album (hence I need to get caught up on layouts that should have been created 3 years ago!)
To make a brag book page here and there so when Christmas rolls around at the end of the year, I won't be all frazzled trying to get them done while still trying to get everything else done for the holiday season.

Wow so that was a lot....and i have a couple more jotted down...but these will do for now... A girl can give her best effort right.

Now on to my personal life.
To become more organized~
To have a more orderly house~
To stay focused on finances~
To go on a family vacation~
To relax more~
To avoid stress and stressful situations~
To practice driving more so when my boys start preschool I will not be afraid to drive them to school... Go ahead and Laugh!!! hahaha hehehe~
To spend more quality time w/ my DH and boys~
To spend more time w/ my siblings and parents and not to miss out on those opportunities~
To keep a better journal since I'm so forgetful~
To play outside more during beautiful weather and go on picnics more~
and above all, To put more focus and energy into my family~
If I accomplish these goals I will like I have had a pretty successful year!

Did I mention relax more? ~To relax more often~

This is probably the longest blog I have ever written but now that I have written it perhaps I will be able to keep on track and work to accomplish more of my goals in 08'. Where do I start? LOL...

If you have just read this entire post, I'm sure you are exhausted and should probably go practice my last goal.....and relax!! LOL. Have a great Thursday.