Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 3 Pike's Peak, Manitou Springs and Garden of the Gods

Day three's venture led us to Manitou Springs where we boarded the Pike's Peak Cog Rail to the summit of Pike's Peak. The scenery on the way up was gorgeous and finally we had found something the boys all enjoyed. When we got to the summit it was in the low 30's and snowing. Brr. We walked around for only about 5 minutes (probably less) and because it was so cold we took the boys in to warm up in the cafe', where we all had Rocky Mountain doughnuts. Of course the twins turned their noses up but the little guy made up for that by eating two!

Getting his Rocky Mountain High on doughnuts!

After returning from the summit we drove around Manitou Springs then went to Memorial Park where we had a picnic. Afterwards the boys played on the playground. Later we went to Garden of the Gods. WOW....It's beautiful. If you are ever in the Colorado Springs area you HAVE to check out Garden of the Gods. It took my breath away. We eventually found our way to the paved trail and went on a little hike w/ the boys. We took the stroller for Jackson because we didn't know how he'd do walking but as it turned out it caused more problems than it did good. The three boys fought over the stroller the entire time so that was THE last time we used it on vacation! Anyway that was pretty much our day!! It was really fun and such beautiful scenery. Oh, we stopped at Bear Country and bought a souvenir for our back deck. It's a chainsaw cut bear. So neat! Well that's the day..

A Garden fit for the Gods!

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