Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation Day 1

So rise and shine and give God your glory glory..... lol a song we used to sing every morning at camp to wake our campers up. As much as I wanted to sing that loudy on the morning we left for vacation I refrained. Instead I got up at 1:30am showered, did last minute things, then quietly woke the boys up and got them nestled into the car. We pulled out of the driveway just before 3am. I told the boys they could go back to sleep but as it was so gently put to me by Landon, "I not going back to sleep." The three of them remained awake until we got to Topeka then crashed until just after the sun came up. By this time we were in Hays KS. However they were not fully sure what was going on... I think they woke up on the wrong side of their car seats... Have a look.

We made one more stop then off to Goodland where we met up w/ Amy and her family. We let all the kids play at this super nice park and Amy even took some awesome pics of my family.. She's such a sweet heart. She made my boys each a little travel goodie bag and some sweet treats. Did I mention all the delicious treats she made for us. (muffins, brownies, cookies) YUMMO.. I swear I gained 10 pounds. The boys really loved the stickers and note pad that Amy made up for them! It really kept them busy for a while! We stopped somewhere near Arriba CO at a rest stop for a picnic. (the first of many)

Pretending to be Zack and Cody

Finally we arrived in Colorado Srpings. It was a really pretty scenic drive although there wasn't much more than fields and the occasional small and i mean small town. Although we were running on barely any sleep we decided to make the most out of that day by heading to Seven Falls after dinner. The canyon was really pretty but the falls were not that impressive. We really enjoyed the Indian Dancers though. Jackson and Landon even participated in the last dance.

Finally back to our hotel were we crashed!

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