Friday, July 25, 2008

How is it possible?

Wow, I finally feel rested, rejuvenated and back to normal. After months of exhaustion, stress, different little bugs (strep throat, ear infections, sinus infections) and all that the first half of 2008 dumped on me I finally feel like I have reached the light that was waiting on me at the end of the tunnel. I can finally breathe!

I think vacation was a huge help in just finding some focus and putting things in perspective again for me. I have tons of things I want to do now that I'm feeling better and slowly I am accomplishing them. I cleaned out the coat closet, reorganized all our art supplies, got my counters organized and the biggest task of all was cleaning up my desk. What a mess. How is it possible that I had piled so much on my desk. It's a wonder I could see the monitor. I have several more things I want to get done this summer and loads more organizing. I'm just happy I finally feel like I have the energy to do some of the things on my list.

My boys are about to start preschool and I'm so incredibly nervous. I'm afraid to drive first of all and I will be driving them back and forth 4 days a week. Aside from that I worry that they will get to school and act up the way they do here at home. I can't believe they are already starting preschool. I know I have the same jitters every other mom feels when she sends her babies off to school...only if it's for a few hours a day. I hoping that they love going and that they behave!

Well.... one of the things on that list I mentioned earlier was cleaning up my computer. I sometimes go into my files and purge things that I will never use or that I don't need anymore. What a stinking mess. I have files scattered all over my computer in little to no organizational manner. The past three afternoons during nap time I have tried to put my files into a more organized fashion and purge what I no longer desire. Amazingly I freed up 10GB. How is that possible? I was sitting on some SUPER old stuff. Today I finally reached a stopping point. I haven't managed to get all my files where I want them but I'm at a stand still. I don't know where else to go with them. I have all my seasonal type files and a templates file along with different themes. However, I have some items that I can't decide just what category to stick them in. I wish I could just finish up the last two jam packed folders and be done! I'm totally scrap deprived. It's been a long time since I've made a layout. Maybe once I do a couple more things on that list I will be able to put forth enough focus to do a couple layouts!

I did find a fabulous idea on Yin's blog which really has me thinking. She is so organized. She places all her previews together, prints them and places them in her binder. This allows her to mix and match more easily! Maybe I'll add that to my list. On that note, I'm off to try to accomplish another task.

To all my digi friends.... I miss ya and I'm thinking of you all!


Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow? My youngest is starting preshcool this fall, too! Shoot me an email..I'd love to know when your guys are going..we might have to meet up one day while the boys are in school!

Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

OH, I just remembered, there is a bike helmet give away at the Overland Park Kohl's (115th & Metcalf) on Saturday the 26th from 9-11. The kids have to be present to be fitted. Just thought I'd pass along that bit on free info!! :)

Erin said...

I bet they will be perfect little angels!

Glad you are feeling better & getting some things checked off your list. I have been reorganizing my files too. I got a new 'puter so I decided to just start over in ACDSee and retag everything. The first time I did it, I was a newbie and didn't have a very good grasp on the categories I would need/use. I've been able to trash a bunch of stuff I've never missed. Feels good!

Kathy said...

Love your update. And I'm happy for you that you are starting to feel a peace - you so deserve that.
Enjoy these preschool days because as I am sure you have heard a hundred times, the days go by fast and like me, both of my kids will be going to high school. Yikes.