Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 5 Estes Park, RMNP and Prospect Mountain

We were pretty tired from all the driving we had been doing and today we thought about just taking it easy. But................ We didn't! We headed into the National Park. First we went to Sheep Lakes in hopes of seeing some bighorn sheep but no such luck. Then we went to the Alluvial Fan. Words cannot describe how beautiful this area is! It was formed as a result of a natural disaster; a flood. The waterfall just boasts of pure wonder. We did a short hike and played on the rocks.

Next we drove up Old Fall River Road which is a dirt one way road up the mountain side. We ended up at the Alpine Visitor Center where Levi and Landon went on a hike to the top. I stayed w/ the others in the cafe'. I really wanted to do the hike but it's not possible to do everything you want to do when you are traveling w/ kiddos.

Chasam Falls (a stop on Old Fall River Road and a short hike off the road)

Later we took Trail Ridge road to the Kawuneechee Valley near Grand Lake in hopes of seeing a Moose but no such luck. We headed back up Trail Ridge Road after our picnic and stopped at the Continental Divide where the boys were able to visit with a ranger who was displaying animal skulls.

On the way back as we were about to round Medicine Bow Curve we saw a heard of Elk. Naturally we pulled over so I could take some photos. Since we had hardly seen any wildlife I was thrilled.

Next we stopped at a glacial overlook.

Before dinner we went into Estes Park and rode the Aerial Tram to Prospect Mountain. This was a major highlight for the boys. We bought peanuts and they got to feed the chipmunks. They are so cute and very gentle little animals. I can still here Jax saying here cheepmunk and peanut peanut. So darling. We stayed until the last tram went down and had kind of late dinner. I almost wish we had done this again b/c the boys had so much fun! After dinner we called it a day!

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