Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 6 Bear Lake, Sprague Lake, and Lake Estes Marina

Still going at it strong! On day 6 we wanted to get in some hiking. Logan strongly dislikes hiking but he did pretty well..or as well as can be expected. We headed off to Bear Lake Rd and took it all the way to Bear Lake where we hiked the trail around the lake. It's about 1/2 mile so nothing too big and no real elevation gain. The view...ahh.. It was very pretty. While on the hike Landon was being so cute he kept stopping and saying picture stop and he'd pose. At the end of the hike Levi and I so badly wanted to continue on to Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and Emerald Lake. In total about 3.7 miles which we knew we could not do with the boys. *frown*

Instead we went to Sprague Lake. It was beautiful and I personally enjoyed the view better although Levi enjoyed Bear Lake's hike more. Sprague Lake was a nice level trail and the lake so shallow that there were a few folks standing out in the middle fishing for trout. In effort to keep the boys interested we had them on the look out for chipmunks and we did find one that kept coming up to us and walked with us for a while. On the other side of the lake we stopped so the boys could touch the water and toss in a few rocks. There we met a really nice ranger who posed with Landon for a photo. Another highlight for him.

After spending a relaxing afternoon at our cabin we went into Estes Park for dinner. We ate at the overpriced and not so fantastic Mama Roses. Actually I think I'm the only one who enjoyed dinner and it was just ok. Did I mention overpriced...yes we read the menu before hand and were fine with it until we saw the quality and taste of the dishes... anyway lesson learned. Moving on.

After dinner we had the shopper's shuttle take us to the Marina where we rented a pedal cycle and took the boys for a ride on the trail next to the lake. Imagine a screaming 2 year old the entire time you are biking. Yes he was having a fit because he wanted to drive the bike. Bless his heart. Finally we got him calmed down on the way back to the Marina and let him hold on to the steering wheel. He thought he was driving so that was nice. We also let him sit in the driver's seat once the bike was parked.

We made s'mores tonight too! Before bed time we let the boys try out the whirlpool tub. That thing was pretty big. They called it a swimming pool.. Just so cute!

Tomorrow is our last day in Colorado so we better make the best of it!

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